Zahra AlZubaidi at Wild Birds - June 8th 2021

Wildbirds, 951 Dean St, Brooklyn NY 11238

Brooklyn Maqam is pleased to announce our first live, indoor concert this year featuring Iraqi vocalist Zahra AlZubaidi.

All Attendees must be vaccinated In order to allow more people in the room to enjoy the music, Wild Birds' policy at this time is that all attendees to indoor shows must be vaccinated.

Tuesday June 8th, 2021 8:30pm $15 Suggested donation Wild Birds - 951 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Seating limited, so come early and grab a seat!

A Brooklyn based Iraqi vocalist, AlZubaidi performs a variety of Arabic music styles with focus on Iraqi Maqams and Atwaar. She has performed with several ensembles in NYC in such as Safaafir & Hamid Al Saadi (Iraqi Maqam) & Takht ElNagham (Syrian Music Preservation Initiative), The Brooklyn Nomads, and with Brooklyn Maqam Hang.

Featuring: Zahra AlZubaidi - Vocals John Murchison - Qanun Sami Abu Shumays - Violin Zafir Tawil - Percussion