Maqam Workshop with Sami Abu Shumays: Maqam Nahawand

We are happy to announce that Sami Abu Shumays is continuing his Arabic Maqam workshop series! This session will focus on a maqam he hasn't touched yet in his previous workshops with us, Maqam Nahawand.

Sami's new approach to teaching and analyzing maqam is much clearer to understand than traditional maqam theory, because it is much closer to oral tradition and performance practice. Using an accessible call-and-response format to teach the basic melodies of Maqam Nahawand, Sami will put together the building blocks, known as ajnas, so that students will understand the concepts of modulation (moving from jins to jins) and sayr (the overall melodic direction of a maqam).

Saturday Feburary 20th, 2020 3pm-4:30pm Entrance fee: $15 Reserve your ticket Here -->

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Sami has taught workshops on Maqam and Arabic Music at Yale University, Lincoln Center, Wesleyan University, The New School, the college of William and Mary, Lark Camp, Alwan for the Arts, Lotus Music and Dance, Global Youth Village, Folk Tours, and more. He is a violinist and vocalist based in NYC, founder and director of the ensemble Zikrayat, co-author of the new book Inside Arabic Music, creator of the website Maqam Lessons, and contributor to the website Maqam World. He studied Arabic music with many teachers including Alfred Gamil, Mohamed Qassas, Simon Shaheen, Yousuf Kassab, Abdel-Basit Bakkar and Abdel-Minaim Sinkary.